Houmon Shekarchi, a television editor / producer who has worked on unscripted shows such as Extreme Makeover, Undercover Boss, and The Biggest Loser, is a man of many talents. In his early 20s, he co-developed production and post production workflow software that caught the interest of Apple.

His other passion: investing. In 2003, when Apple released iTunes, Shekarchi thought to himself, “Wow, in this post-Napster world, someone has found a way to charge for music again? This is a game-changer!” He bought Apple at $17.46 a share, and the rest is history.

Join us as we interview a sophisticated hobbyist-investor who has leveraged his passion for financial research into an additional income stream.

You’ve been using Yewno|Edge for several months now. What initially interested you in the platform?

I am a pretty experienced individual investor. I couldn’t afford a terminal-based solution, but I wanted something beyond the usual tools for individuals. I was looking for a dashboard that I could use to make associations and connections, a place where I could access everything I need. I looked at a bunch of different options. This had everything I was looking for, at a really reasonable subscription price.

What did you find in Yewno that you didn’t find in other platforms?

The dashboard layout is more professional than anything else I’ve seen. All the information in one place is really great, and it’s totally unbiased.

Also the general news is really deep – it reads news that matters but that you wouldn’t have access to or think to read. Here is an example: recently I bought a short call on Moderna that did really well. They were developing a vaccine for COVID-19. This was in the news, but if it wasn’t for Yewno, they wouldn’t have been on my radar – at least not at that precise time. One day they come up on my Yewno|Edge news feed and caught my attention. I looked at them a bit deeper and took my position – that piece of news was really valuable.

You mentioned that Yewno|Edge is unbiased - would you mind elaborating?

This is really important to me – a lot of platforms offer advice, make suggestions, tell you about trends and hot picks. I don’t want that. I want to be creative, investigate my own strategies, find something interesting and test out how that idea might perform. I want to be in the driver’s seat when I’m researching investments, and this platform lets me do that, very thoroughly.

Would you recommend Yewno|Edge to other investors?

Anyone who does this on a daily basis would benefit. It’s not for someone who wants to let other people make decisions. If you’ve got a strong baseline knowledge and want something powerful and sophisticated at a fair price, then this is it.

This is for an investor who wants to read deeply, make choices, and come up with theory and then test it out but doesn’t necessarily have the time. It does all of that for you.

How was your user experience? Were you able to get support when you needed it?

Yes, absolutely. The Yewno team is always available to give you demonstrations, they are easy to reach with specific questions, and offer a variety of online video tutorials. I started with the basic package but I want to graduate to one of their more sophisticated packages, now that I’ve learned the platform.

Do you have a favorite feature?

Yes! Key Developments. This feature monitors the news that is most relevant to you and presents it to you all in one place, letting you keep an eye on the things that matter most to you. It lets you know more, faster. For me, investing is about lifelong learning, knowing more, getting better at it, and this is definitely a tool for deep learning.