Hot topics like government shutdown, current events like trade war, and corporate themes like social responsibility dominate news headlines and hover above the financial markets like rain clouds. Sometimes they unload torrential downpours of major economic consequence. Other times, they simply float across the sky as if only to remind you of their existence. The abstract nature of these forces makes it difficult to comprehend their reach and impossible to predict their influence on your investments.

That uncertainty isn’t good enough for us here at Yewno. That’s why we built Yewno|Edge, the first and only investment research platform that tracks and quantifies the relationships between your investments and sweeping, ill-defined concepts like government shutdown and trade war. To do this, Yewno|Edge calculates exposure scores that measure the degree in which a company, or portfolio, is linked to a concept. Exposures are calculated in real-time, giving you early insight into risk factors and emerging opportunities so that you can act ahead of the market.

Here are a just a few examples of what you can do with Yewno|Edge.

  1. Evaluate your portfolio’s top exposures so that you can adjust if risk related to a concept like labor relations is too high for your tolerance.
  2. Identify new investment opportunities given a company’s exposure to issues surrounding the legality of cannabis.
  3. Build a portfolio strategy that captures the top companies positioned to lead the development of disruptive technologies like 5G.
  4. Track key developments related to issues of data privacy so that you can see when a company like Facebook is in the spotlight.

Yewno|Edge’s Strategy Builder tool allows you to filter by concept and construct thematic portfolios.

Visit the Yewno|Edge product page to learn more about the platform.

How does Yewno|Edge identify concepts and calculate exposure?

Great questions! Check back next week when we dive into the Artificial Intelligence engine powering Yewno|Edge.

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