We know that AI can be intimidating and you might want to understand why you would need it given you are used to doing your job in a certain way. Incorporating new technologies and changing your investment process can be daunting. The reality is that:

  • We live in a very complex world where a company is impacted by a social tweet or an event, where abstract themes like Trade war or Brexit are very hard to quantify.
  • There is too much information and too many news articles that are written every day. It’s impossible to keep up
  • Humans cannot possibly read all this information and extract knowledge

Artificial intelligence can help overcome all these challenges by providing you with the tools to understand how the world’s information is connected, understand how social themes can impact the companies you care about and help you navigate through this mass of information. Yewno was born with the idea that technology can help you in making sense of all the data to outsmart your investment process.

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