A concept is a unique unit of knowledge, and idea or a theme. A concept is not just a keyword.

A concept is anything that our brain can uniquely define, from a company, a person, a location or anything abstract like Brexit or Quantitative Easing.

A concept is connected to other concepts or ideas in a network that is evolving and changing in real time. New concepts can emerge on a daily basis as new information comes in and it would be impossible for a human to keep up.

Concept investing is already used by large institutions and ETF providers to give access to individual investors to products that can track an idea or a theme. This process is very difficult and you would need a team of analysts at your disposal.

What if you could leverage a tool to help you in this process?

What if an idea or a concept could become an investment universe in seconds rather than months?

This will allow you to enter an idea ahead of the trend and potentially obtain large results in the long term. This opportunity is available now with Yewno Edge. Make concept investing simple and fast

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