Yewno, Inc., a leading provider of AI-driven knowledge discovery solutions, today announces an alliance with premier financial technology platform FactSet to provide third-party, intelligent data feeds over the Open:FactSet Marketplace, an online platform offering fully vetted and integrated financial and alternative datasets. As one of the inaugural Open:FactSet providers, Yewno provides cutting edge information to end-users looking to integrate data into proprietary models, algorithms, and systems.

The initial package of intelligent data feeds offered by Yewno within the Open:FactSet Marketplace is the Yewno Emerging Technologies data feed. Yewno identifies transformative technologies that are likely to disrupt the real economy and entities that are positioned to benefit from the adoption of such technologies. The Yewno Emerging Technology data feed provides factor scores across 35 unique emerging technologies. These include computing and artificial intelligence related technologies, new industrial technologies such as 3D printing and satellites, and environmental and energy related technologies like solar power and electric vehicles.

Yewno created the Emerging Technology data feed by identifying key concepts related to each technology, then leveraging advanced techniques typically applied within the fields of complex systems, computational linguistics, and artificial intelligence to scan millions of patents filed globally. Factors are then assigned to determine each entity’s level of involvement in emerging technologies. The result is global coverage of over 3,000 listed emerging technology companies.

“FactSet’s impeccable global reputation for providing quality financial data is the reason Yewno utilizes FactSet as one of our primary data suppliers. Using FactSet’s data, we employ our proprietary knowledge graph to derive intelligent data feeds, index strategies, APIs, and front-end solutions. We are pleased to work with them further on Open:FactSet,” said Yewno CEO Ruggero Gramatica.

“We created Open:FactSet to provide our users with optimal core and alternative data sets, and offer an edge as the innovation of data accelerates. We carefully select our providers based on data quality and integrity, and vet each dataset rigorously. As one of our first data providers, Yewno delivers a top-quality data offering that identifies emerging technologies,” added Richard Newman, SVP and Global Head of Content and Technology Solutions at FactSet