STOXX partnered with Yewno in 2017 to create the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence Index calculated using Artificial Intelligence.  The index, launched in January 2018, was built to capture the performance of 200 companies from a wide range of industries that invest heavily in the development of new AI technologies.  Deemed “digital pioneers” poised to benefit from the increased adoption of AI technology, the original index included global leaders in technology and finance such as Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Bank of America and Facebook.

While the idea of capturing “digital pioneers” in an index was novel, STOXX was actually the first to calculate such an index by using artificial intelligence technology.  The index uses Yewno’s knowledge graph to screen large volumes of ever-changing structured and unstructured data, such as patents and official filings, to determine which companies within STOXX’s starting universe of roughly 7,000 companies are investing in AI technology at any given time, and to what extent.

Due in part to the wide success of the AI indices, STOXX began using Yewno’s AI-driven investment research platform – Yewno|Edge – within our product creation group.  We were looking to create and test index ideas on our own, and found that using Yewno’s platform, driven by the knowledge graph framework, we could do this at an incredible speed.  In an industry where being first to market is the main indicator of your product’s success, speed is of utmost importance.  Also of great importance is transparency, robust methodology, and pure data, all of which Yewno offers.  We partner only with the best in class and Yewno is of that designation.

Chris Costello, Head of Asset Management, STOXX I Qontigo

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