Citi Global Data insights (CGDI) is a business unit focused on developing Data & Analytics products for Institutional clients of Citigroup. Managing Big Data and harnessing the power of Alternative Data is a big part of the group’s function. Using Yewno’s patented knowledge graph, CGDI is expanding its range of investment themes using AI rather than an analyst-driven approach.

Yewno’s AI technology will also support the group’s internal analyst community by extracting signals from unstructured text, which is currently a challenging and time-consuming task. Yewno solves the problem of information overload for market participants. It transforms massive amounts of fundamental and alternative data into actionable insights. By leveraging its dynamic knowledge graph, Yewno is able to detect hidden relationships, extract concepts and links across varied data sources, and provide valuable insights that would have otherwise gone undetected.

The amount of data available to institutions and their analysts at any given moment in time is impossible to ingest, associate and process. Add to this the dynamic nature of market data and news, and essentially we as humans just can’t keep up. Yewno’s AI provides a way to remove the bottleneck and tedium of those functions so that analysts can spend their time pursuing the ideas, themes and strategies that excite them and deliver superior returns.

– Richard Webley, Head of Citi Global Data Insights, Citigroup

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