Yewno, Inc. a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions, today announces a new strategic partnership with STOXX Ltd., the operator of Deutsche Börse Group’s Index business, to provide methodology for the STOXX AI Global Artificial Intelligence Index, tracking companies involved in Artificial Intelligence.

The index seeks to replicate the economic impact of Artificial Intelligence technologies by tracking companies which benefit from increased development and/or adoption of Artificial Intelligence related technologies. The index is also calculated using Yewno’s core machine learning AI technology. In other words, this is an index tracking Artificial Intelligence adoption, calculated using artificial intelligence technology.

The index methodology involves an underlying knowledge graph which aggregates a large volume of structured and unstructured data such as news, official filings and patents, and academic research in order to find companies that are investing in AI related technologies and research. The approach leverages advanced techniques typically applied within the fields of complex systems, computational linguistics and artificial intelligence.

The index includes companies from across multiple sectors including technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing to name a few. “We are proud to be a partner of STOXX, a leading provider of innovative index solutions, to launch the Global AI index. Yewno’s core technology and proprietary knowledge graph provide a unique platform to readily interpret market signals, which is ideal for index creation, as well data packages and advanced analytics”, explains Ruggero Gramatica, CEO Yewno Inc. “After a thorough internal and external evaluation, we selected Yewno as our partner for this research project because of the depth of their research and robustness of their processes”, said Matteo Andreetto, CEO, STOXX, Ltd.