The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan has been using Yewno Discover to optimize our library content and support student research since 2017. The feedback from our researchers has been very positive and Yewno Discover is paving the way to what we are calling “assisted serendipity”, the opportunity to explore a topic from a truly personal perspective, unbiased by the usual results list.

Additionally, we came to Yewno with the idea of creating a “Repository Visualization” to manage our own internal resources and augment their academic governance. Our goal was to gain a better understanding of the contents of our own institutional repository, spot new research trends, help researchers to find new topics to explore and publish, and connect researchers and authors.

Yewno built the Repository Visualization feature within Yewno Discover for us so that we can see our University’s research output in the broader context of scholarly research available through the Yewno Discover platform. Because of their knowledge graph framework, it was possible for Yewno to ingest our content corpus and map the millions of concepts therein alongside their own. We have benefited immensely from their sophisticated technology.

At UCSC we believe that knowledge is a common asset, and sharing our documental resources has always been part of our mission. The past few months have been challenging across the globe, particularly here in Italy. Yewno shares a like-minded view about the democratization of knowledge, and so we partnered together to share Yewno Discover free of charge to all of Italy via our library’s website through the end of 2020. Yewno Discover is an important asset to share because it inspires learning, and that’s really important right now. The fact that it’s a web-based tool is also convenient for those who are continuing to stay home and maintain social distance.

– Paolo Sirito, Library Director, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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